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Julianne Leavy, LMFT, Executive Director Harmony at Home, 2018
"Kelly has the unique ability to create safety, compassion and empathy while holding a professional space for her clients to gain insight and support toward recovery. Her deep understanding, training and knowledge of addiction is critical in supporting her clients in recovery while keeping them honest and accountable." 
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Derek, Pacific Grove CA
 Client, 2018


“I called Kelly on a Friday, after I had gotten out of court and told her that I needed help and wanted to get into a treatment center. Within an hour, she was able to get me in contact with a treatment center that saved my life. I am eternally grateful to Kelly, not only for advising me of the options best suited for my needs, but the amount of care and compassion she showed me.”


Monterey County Herald, December 2015, Holman Building Christmas Display

Kelly Grace Swift Monterey Herald, Holma

Timothy E. Donovan
Major General, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired)
February 2019


"Kelly's program is still being used today by Marine units to motivate and inspire families to handle the difficulties of deployment. As Kelly now enters her next quest to help those suffering from addiction I can enthusiastically endorse her unique coaching talents in program development and support. Her addition would enhance the success of any program looking to inspire individuals. Kelly is the caliber of a person who will make a difference"

Monterey County Herald, Dave Gash, Holman Building Pacific Grove, CA December 2017

Kelly Grace Swift Holman Building Pacifi

Sandi Staples Carmel, CA Client, 2019


"Kelly Swift is very intuitive and thorough in her intervention strategy. She plans well and is detailed with advising and follow through. She is easy to talk to and has many different solutions tailored to your specific situation and genuinely cares about a successful outcome. I would not hesitate to hire her."


Denise Knutsen

Principal Newport Beach Elementary School

September 2005

Televised Program 'Proud To Be An American Day', 2001-2004

"Kelly continued to create and produce an uplifting, memorable event for the students, parents and City of Newport Beach, CA. It touched so many people within our community. When I reflect on her years producing this event and motivating so many children to give back to their community, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Kelly brought people together for a "higher purpose". We will all continue to benefit from her efforts and will remember these moments as the year's pass. Her faith and vision is what allows her to do such great things!"

Paula Burton, Celebration USA, Inc.

September 17, 2004

"Proud To Be An American Day" was absolutely an "exception to the rule" for a school and city production due to Kelly! She is talented, dedicated with a clear vision as to what she wants to accomplish. The entire program was fabulous, orchestrated with remarkable precision with every detail

polished to a "T"! Kelly's event put her school district on the map to be considered as the next venue for the West Coast "Pledge Across America", a synchronized recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, unifying the nation's youth across the entire United States.

Todd Elder
 Owner-Marketing Director 
 Newport Surf Camp

Newport Junior Surf Team


"5 Years into owning one of the nations largest surf camp, teaching hundreds of beginner surfers each year, Kelly Swift approached me with finding the need for coaching our youth on a competitive level for those intermediate local surfers. Kelly Swift brought this idea to me and was a crucial element for the development of this program. Newport Junior Surf Team was formed for elementary, and middle school kids teaching them the transition from free surfing to competitive surfing. Multiple kids from our surf team eventually joined the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) and have had successful surfing careers."


Scott Jacobs, Scott Jacobs Gallery

Fine Art Artist, Carmel CA


"Kelly has been a tremendously helpful addition to my company. She's helped me with my most recent art gallery opening and it turned out to be one of the best in my career both in attendance and sales I've ever had. From the newsletter and the website/e-commerce site she created and the social media presence she gave me, tapping into the minds of my clients is her forte."


Anne Hoover, Hoover MacInnes Group, Surterre Properties, Inc. Newport Beach, CA


"If you are considering Kelly Swift for your next design project, you have found the right person. Her focus, creativity, appreciation of value and perspective is second to none. She has the ability to source materials at prices no one can beat. She has the energy to go out and find one-of-a- kind items and has resources that most designers never tap into. I have found that all her projects stand out and are memorable. They are unique with character and soul. Kelly is not like most designers that create a very vanilla, run of the mill look or at the opposite end, a very strong offensive style. Kelly can create a feeling and mood in a home that makes one "want to stay" and make it their home. Look no further, save yourself time and effort and put Kelly in charge of your next project. She will never cease to surprise and delight you with a style that is unique, warm and fun!"

Nancy Aiello
, Newport Beach, CA, 


"As a sister of an alcoholic, my family and I have struggled for years on how to deal with an addict. Kelly Swift has been the key to helping us deal with her in a loving way without enabling her. We could not have made it without her knowledge, kindness and constant support, both for our family and my sister! We are forever grateful for her!"


Lora L. Speck
, Pebble Beach, CA

January 2019


"We hired Kelly to plan and design my 50th birthday party. She took care of everything. She was professional and caring. From the front entrance to the inside, it was a sight to see! So powerful, I cried. My day was truly special and unique thanks to having Kelly take care of all the details."


Alex White, Pacific Grove, CA Sotheby's Realtor


"We hired Kelly to take a very dated run down home and turn it into something special in order to rent it while we drew up plans for a total remodel. Short on time and money she created a beautiful coastal getaway for families. Not only did she design and decorate our home on a very small budget, but our home was booked solid due to the unique, retro/beach home she created. The biggest eyesore of the home was definitely the kitchen, which ended up being the highlight and #1 compliment from all of our tenants."
 If you're looking for someone who puts their heart and sole into a project, Kelly will surprise you with her eye for detail and unique touches. Working within our budget, creating a most memorable home design, fresh and gutsy, I would not hesitate to hire her for future projects."