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Kelly Grace Swift

Story-teller, seeking knowledge and loving to help others.

Kelly confronts the real-life issues and questions we all have, using a fresh and fun approach. Kelly's wildly hilarious story-telling will keep you glued to hear what she has to say next!  Kelly is very candid about her own story of her alcoholism and her journey back to finding her true self through tears and laughter. She authentically guides people to create and maintain a healthy and joy filled life. 

Tana Marie

Transformational Intuitive Counselor,

offering Insight and Inspiration.

As a natural intuitive and conscious channel, Tana Marie has guided and counseled seekers, Fortune 100’s, VIP’s, Hollywood Celebs, CEO’s and clients worldwide for the past 38 years. In these uncertain, challenging times Tana Marie can help you! Her intuition coupled with leading-edge technologies guarantee solutions for you, regardless of the severity of the issues. Blessed to be able to bring through information, perfected by 3 decades of experience working with people all over the world, Tana helps you find the reasons, root causes or negative beliefs that have prevented you from creating the life you know is supposed to be yours. 

A Media Savvy Radio Professional with 35 years On-air experience, Award-Winning Author, Screenwriter, Romance & Dating Expert, Professional Transformational Intuitive Counselor & Ordained Minister assists in Creating & Sustaining Authentic Love Relationships, Heartfelt Dream Fulfillment, Karmic & Soul Contract Disclosure, Destiny Paths, & much more. 

She has been featured in Marquis’ Publications: "Who’s Who of American Women, Volumes 2000-2019," "Who’s Who in America, Volumes 2001-2019," and "Who’s Who in the World, Volumes 2002-2019”. She has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by "Marquis' Who's Who" and Outstanding Woman 2006 by the Monterey Commission on the Status of Women.

Tana Marie provides answers, solutions and tools to assure that you will manifest and

the life of your dreams! 

Dr. Tobin Watkinson

Homeopathic doctor with a huge scope of experience providing integral information about our health in the modern world.

Dr Tobin Watkinson has achieved degrees and certifications in Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, Thermography, Cold Laser, Chiropractic and Experimental Psychology. Prior to his nearly forty three years in practice he worked in research on contract for the Aerospace Medicine Research Lab, as well as, the Life Sciences Directorate of the Aeronautics and Astronautics Division of MacDonnell Douglas Corporation.


Dr Watkinson has appeared on some 60 radio shows throughout the United States and New Zealand and has appeared on ABC and NBC television, as well as, several cable networks. He has over 70 CD and DVD titles to his credit. He has authored over 20 articles, books and professional papers and has lectured at nearly 40 scientific conferences, seminars and meetings. 


He is the past Vice President and President of the International and National Association of Clinical Nutritionists, past Vice President of the California Thermographic Society, past Program Chairmen of the Human Factors Society and sits on the Medical Advisory Board of at least four Foundations. Dr Watkinson holds patents in several areas of allergy and immunity and sits on the board of directors of two corporations and one Charitable Foundation.


Dr Watkinson has practiced for the past 40 years of which 16 years has been at the Scripps Medical Offices in San Diego California. Other offices have been in Santa Monica California, Orange County California, St. Louis Mo, Escondido California and LaJolla, Ca. 

Kerri Ramirez

Advanced knowledge in essential oils, hoping to help others transform their lives with holistic healing!

Kerri is here to empower and uplift you with your health. She loves sharing the magic of incorporating essential oils for balancing chakras, exploring emotions, and uplifting the body, mind and spirit. 


Kerri shares her own life experiences of family and health concerns that were helped greatly with the use of essential oils when it was difficult for Dr’s to find a solution. Kerri can relate to you and helps to heal the entire family in thriving again, and working in a positive direction.  Her years of experience along with being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and a friend make her incredible relatable to others in the same situation. Kerri has heart and an intuitive side to her that makes her successful in helping others

What we do on this earth has a ripple effect. It is her intention to make as much positive healing and helpful ripples she can! Life is about loving, learning, laughing, and connecting.

Jessica Swift

Passionate about holistic healing after years with chronic illness, aiming to spread awareness!

Jessica loves being creative, is passionate about health & wellness and enjoys connecting with likeminded people! After living with Lyme Disease for 25+ years, Jessica has learned a huge amount of knowledge regarding holistic health. She is always seeking to gain more knowledge about homeopathic healing remedies. She has degrees in Film & Television and Women & Gender Studies, and therefore loves being creative and empowering others. She has a background working in special events and has built an inspiring network of people around her over the years.


Enthusiastic about the great outdoors and a curious chef, providing a window into living amongst nature!

Bobby has been passionate about the great outdoors from a very young age, which led to a passion in the kitchen. He has always helped his mom make meals for the family, but it wasn’t until he started to bring home fresh fish caught by he and his friends that he started to cook for himself. As his interest in culinary arts evolved, he has come up with many creative ways to bring a delicious home cooked meal to the campfire. He has explored ways to go camping on a budget, as well as living off the land. When Bobby is not working his restaurant job, you will find him either on the beach, on a boat, or in the woods. You can spot him fishing, hunting, mushroom picking, or hunting for jade on the central California shore lines. He loves to support others in gaining the confidence to be self-sufficient in the wilderness and the kitchen.

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