school advocate

Thank you for beginning the first steps towards finding help for your child. I understand exactly where you're at and want to give you the advocacy you deserve. Here is my 3-Step Process:



1 to 3 hour session via phone, video chat or in-person:

  • Reviewing all patient history

  • Going over my proposal for your child's specific situation and circumstances

  • Answering any questions you may have 

  • Steps moving forward


While scheduling your consultation, I require you to fill out a form providing all background information about your situation. I will use that information to gear our upcoming advocacy sessions to be personalized to you. All information will be discussed at the consultation to move forward with a plan.




My main goal as your school advocate is to be a support system for your family and provide you with all information and resources possible.

No matter how often you want to meet, no matter how many meetings you want me to attend, and no matter how much research it takes - I will treat your case as if it is my own child.

Through my broad experience, expansive network of resources and good-standing relationship with various school districts, I will get your child the proper help they need.

(I am well-versed in the laws surrounding these situations, but I am not a lawyer. I will always refer out to a lawyer when necessary.)

possible treatment

Depending on your child's situation or special circumstances, there is a possibility that your child may need treatment. I will only recommend this to your family when I absolutely see it necessary. Whether that means a rehabilitation center or psychiatric facility, I will be there with your family every step of the way. I will utilize all of my resources to find the best suitable treatment for your child.

We can meet as much or as little as you want. i will always give honest recommendations for meeting frequency.

Other FEES

  • You are responsible for all necessary travel expenses - including flights, lodging, car services, gas, food, etc. 

  • You are responsible for paying for any treatment modalities, such as medical expenses for detox, nurses that may need to be on hand, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric facilities, hospital stays, medications, etc. 

  • You are responsible for paying for any assistance needed, such as bodyguards, drivers, consultants, etc.

get started

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