Recovery coaching

Thank you for beginning the first steps towards supporting your recovery. I understand exactly where you're at in your journey and want to help you stay sober. Here is my 2-Step Process:



1 to 3 hour session via phone, video chat or in-person:

  • Reviewing all patient history

  • Going over my proposal for your upcoming coaching sessions (for example: goals and expectations)

  • Answering any questions you may have 

  • Steps moving forward


While scheduling your consultation, I require you to fill out a form providing all background information about your situation. I will use that information to gear our upcoming coaching sessions to be personalized to you. All information will be discussed at the consultation to move forward with a plan.


Meeting session

During a recovery coaching session, we will begin by gaging where you are in your progress, identify any victories or setbacks, and see what we can do to continue reaching our goals. 

I will always come prepared with assignments and exercises that correspond with your recovery.

Think of this session as meeting with a life coach who has experience in recovery. We will assess all the various complexities of your life to determine what needs extra support.

Recovery Coaching sessions are scheduled hourly, but feel free to schedule as much time as you feel is necessary!

There is no specific time frame for healing. We can meet as much or as little as you want. i will always give honest recommendations for meeting frequency.

Other FEES

  • You are responsible for all necessary travel expenses - including flights, lodging, car services, gas, food, etc. 

  • You are responsible for paying for any treatment modalities, such as medical expenses for detox, nurses that may need to be on hand, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric facilities, hospital stays, medications, etc. 

  • You are responsible for paying for any assistance needed, such as bodyguards, drivers, consultants, etc.


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