Thank you for beginning the first steps towards intervening for a loved one. I understand the difficult time you are going through and know you are probably feeling overwhelmed. Here is my 4-Step Process for getting your loved one help:



1 to 3 hour session via phone, video chat or in-person:

  • Reviewing all patient history

  • Going over my proposal for the intervention and possible treatment plan options

  • Answering any questions you may have 

  • Steps moving forward


While scheduling your consultation, I require you to fill out a form providing all  background information about your loved one. I will use that information to research options personalized to your situation. All information will be discussed at the consultation to move forward with a plan.



The pre-intervention work is extremely important and takes about 1 to 2 weeks to complete. I will want to meet with all participating family and friends at least twice before the intervention takes place. I would like to meet to evaluate the situation, map out the process of the intervention and then coach participating members on asking the alcoholic / addict to receive help. I also aim to educate all participating members on addiction and what the transition into treatment will entail.



The intervention itself should only take 1 day. If for any reason the intervention needs more time, I will always see it through. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that your loved one will agree to treatment, but I can guarantee that I will always put my best efforts forward. My current success rate is 84%. I am a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP). I am educated in various Intervention Models, such as Johnson, ARISE, Invitational, Systemic Family, RAAD, and other Intervention Models. I will always use one or a combination of techniques that are specific to your individual case that I will believe to be effective. The goal is to get your loved one into treatment no matter what the model looks like!



After the intervention, I will escort your loved one to the treatment that we have agreed upon. Depending on the individual, your loved one may need to be medically and clinically cleared before going to a rehabilitation center. I plan to be by their side through each step necessary. This process usually takes a few days to one week. 

This entire process of completing an Intervention takes about 2 to 3 weeks. 

Other FEES

  • You are responsible for all necessary travel expenses - including flights, lodging, car services, gas, food, etc. 

  • You are responsible for paying for any treatment modalities, such as medical expenses for detox, nurses that may need to be on hand, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric facilities, hospital stays, medications, etc. 

  • You are responsible for paying for any assistance needed, such as bodyguards, drivers, consultants, etc.

  • If your loved one refuses treatment during the intervention and I have to go home, you can re-pay for my travel expenses and any other assistance expenses to come back and try again and I will not charge for another Consultation or the $4,000 Intervention fee.​


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