1.  What is a “transformational coach”?


A transformative coach works specifically with a person’s mindset, essentially helping you to look at your life and become aware of why things are the way they are. Instead of looking at a specific situation, a transformational coach guides you in changing your lifestyle and creating long-term solutions. My goal is to help you tap into your own wisdom and design a new life and mindset for yourself.

2.  Are you able to do services over Skype or phone?


Yes! I am always willing to customize my services around your needs.  I can coach anyone nationally or internationally. 


3.  Are you equipped to work with high profile clients?


Yes, I have experience working with individuals who require special accommodations. No matter who you are, I always guarantee complete anonymity.


4.  If an individual struggling with alcoholism and/or addictions also has issues with self harm, eating disorders, and/or other serious problems, are you able to confront those issues as well?


Yes! But I will always refer out if we are not a good fit.


5.  Are you able to help individuals with mental illness?


I am not a licensed therapist. With that said, I have knowledge and experience with professionals in the industry that can help you and/or the family in order to get help even when the patient does not wish to. Sadly, mental illness and substance abuse tends to go hand-in-hand. Through my experiences, I have built relations with top attorneys and other professionals in the nation and learned of various laws and methods to better support individuals and families who have a mental illness component in their journey of recovery.


6.  How is recovery coaching different from sober companion?


A sober companion is someone who provides one-on-one attention to an individual newly in recovery. They are typically on call and may move in with the individual if necessary. A recovery coach is like a life coach that meets with an individual in recovery regularly and provides encouragement, guidance, and support.

If the individual is of high likelihood of relapse, then I would recommend using the sober companion service. If they are looking for extra support, then I would recommend using the recovery coaching service.



7.  Do I need to be sober to reach out for a sober companion or recovery coach?


No, you just need a true desire and willingness to want to stop.



8.  Do you accept insurance?


At this time I do not accept insurance. 

9. What is your pricing?

I currently charge on a sliding scale for Interventions, Sober Companion, School Advocacy and Healing Environments. However, my Family Coaching and Recovery Coaching sessions are $75/hr.