In 2015 my life came to a crossroad. To the outside world, everything looked perfect. I was living in a home by the beach in Southern California, married with two beautiful children and a dog. It was the picture-perfect family. But in reality, I was hiding a lot of pain and suffering deep inside. I was an alcoholic and my life was falling apart.


Due to my alcoholism, my kids were emotionally suffering, my marriage was failing, and my health was declining. I weighed almost 200 pounds and had just been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and was suffering from neuropathy pain. I was also stuttering and struggling with memory and other cognitive issues. With not many options left and denial no longer serving me, I now viewed myself as a "non-functioning" alcoholic.  I wanted to live, yet I wanted to die. On May 8, 2015, I decided to claim my life back and quit drinking. Soon after, I realized that there was so much more beyond just being sober. 


It started with baby steps. I began committing myself to a healthier lifestyle, including changes in my relationships, environment, perspective, and self-care. I felt impactful changes through exercise, diet, and recovery support. Eventually, I saw my hard work yielding results and truly began loving life again.


Through my journey, I discovered that there are so many people just like me with the same struggles. I decided to create a safe space for others struggling with addiction and beyond. I wanted to create a platform for all of us to continue to evolve in our lives and share all of our knowledge along the way.


Recovery from addiction is a holistic process and I hope to encourage others to make meaningful changes to their lives. From hopelessness to happiness - I understand where you have been and who you can become.

Kelly Swift is a Nationally Certified Addiction Specialist.

She is a Nationally Certified Interventionist, Nationally Certified Recovery

Coach, and Nationally Certified Family Coach.

She also specializes in School Advocacy, Community Outreach, and creating

Healing Environments.

Why The Monarch?


Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls.

With everything I have gone through in my recovery, I feel as if I am continually evolving and going through a metamorphosis.

Fittingly enough, as I moved to a healthier life in sobriety, I found myself setting my roots in Pacific Grove, California which is home to the Monarch butterfly.

With the butterfly representing endurance, hope, and life, my wish is that I can help others through their transformation and in creating the life they not only desire but know they were meant to live.


"Working in recovery, well, it stands for something bigger than myself and it's an example to others that living free from addiction is not only possible, but it's the pathway to finding your true self."